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About Nicos Trimikliniotis

NICOS TRIMIKLINIOTIS is Professor at the School of Social Sciences and heads the team of experts of the Centre for Fundamental rights at University of Nicosia. He is an interdisciplinary scholar and activist working in Cyprus working in the fields of sociology, law and politics. He is also a Barrister. He has researched on integration, citizenship, education, migration, racism, free movement of workers, EU law, discrimination and Labour Law. He is the National Expert for Cyprus for the European Labour Law Network. He is part of the international team working on world deviance, which has produced Gauging and Engaging Deviance 1600-2000, Tulika press (2014) and currently working on its’ sequel Scripts of Defiance. His work include:
- Mobile Commons, Migrant Digitalities and the Right to the City, Pivot, Palgrave Macmillan, 2015 [with Parsanoglou, D., Tsianos, V.]
- Beyond a Divided Cyprus: A State and Society in Transformation, Palgrave MacMillan, 2012 [edited volume];
-The Nation-State Dialectic and the State of Exception, Savalas, Athens, 2010;
- Rethinking the Free Movement of Workers: The European Challenges Ahead [edited volume], Wolf Legal Publishers, Nijmegen, 2009.
He directs research on the sociology of migration, inter-ethnic and Labour Relations, state theory federalism and globalisation at the University of Nicosia. He directs research for the NGO Symfiliosi. He was the national expert for Cyprus of the European networks of experts on Free Movement of Workers (2008-2012) and Labour Law (2010-). He was the Cypriot national expert on Independent Network of Labour Migration and Integration Experts (LMIE-INET) for the International Organization for Migration (2009-2012). He is a Research Associate at Swansea's University's Centre for Migration Policy Research (CMPR).
He has served as senior researcher at PRIO Cyprus Centre (2008-2012); research associate (national expert) with European University Institute on (a) Citizenship (EUDO, 2009-2010) and (b) on Tolerance, Pluralism and Social Cohesion (ACCEPT, 2011). He also has an association with the University of Cape Town, South Africa. He was national expert for Cyprus of the Legal Network of Independent Experts in the non-discrimination field (2004-2008). He has been Director of National Focal Point on Racism and Xenophobia (2004-2010) and the Cypriot FRALEX team (2007-2010).
He has researched on ethnic conflict, reconciliation and resolution, constitutional and state theory, human rights, multiculturalism, education, migration, racism, citizenship and discrimination law, Labour law, free movement of persons, immigration law, EU law, deviance and trafficking and has published several articles, co-authored and co-edited books and journals.
Edited books & special issues in journals, such as the following: (1) “Irregular Migration, Informal Labour and Community: A Challenge for Europe”, Maastricht: Shaker, 2007 (co-author and co-editor with Berggren, E., Likic-Brboric, B., Toksöz). (2)Special issue of the Cyprus Review on ‘Migration, Racism and Multiculturalism’ VOL. 20:2, Fall 2008. (3) Special issue of the Cyprus Review on 'Reconciliation in Cyprus’ VOL. 19:1, Spring 2007. (4) Edited the Greek version of book originally published in Turkish "Orange Cyprus" [Το Πορτοκαλί της Κύπρου], Νisos, Athens (2005).
Future work: (a)“Federalism and Reconciliation in a Divided Society: The Case of Cyprus” (with Neophitos Loizides, 2012); (b)“Fundamental Human Rights in Cyprus” (with Corina Demetriou, 2012).
He has published several articles in books and journals. He is was editor of a monthly journal “Adventures of Ideas” [Περιπέτειες Ιδεών] published with Politis newspaper, 2006-2009 available from
In 2006-2007 Scientific Director for Cyprus for EU funded Project, "Integration of female immigrants in labour market and society. Policy assessment and policy recommendations". This is a comparative study including European countries including Cyprus, Intercollege, Research Project Femipol, EU sixth Framework Program. Also he was scientific Director for Cyprus for EU funded Project, "The European Dilemma: Institutional Patterns and Politics of 'Racial' Discrimination", Intercollege, Research Project 'Xenophob', EU Fifth Framework Program 2002-2005.
Doctoral Dissertation (Ph.D. Sociology): The Role of State Processes in the Production and Resolution of ‘Ethnic’ and ‘National’ Conflict: The Case of Cyprus, University of Greenwich, London.


Present Senior researcher, Symfiliosi, Cyprus

Research Interests

Asylum & Immigration Law, policy and sociology, Inequality, discrimination law, policy and practice, Welfare state and Social policy, Federalism and conflict resolution, Reconciliation, State theory and politics, Nationalism, racism, sexism, sexuality and disability, Media, power and society, Digitalities and social movements, Austerity, class and politics, Labour, free movement, law and society, Sociolegal Studies, Social work, law and society, Mediterranean society, Sociological and Political theory, and Critical legal theory

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Contact Information

fax: +357 22878846


Migration, Racism & Globalisation (15)

Reconciliation (8)

Costitutional issues, Federalism & Cyprus (3)