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Cypriots to the West? The Evidence of Their Potmarks
Italy and Cyprus in Antiquity: 1500-450 BC
  • Nicolle E Hirschfeld, Trinity University
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Contribution to Book
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Three amphora handles (Fig. 1), of Mycenaean type, bear the only possible traces of Cypriot writing found in Bronze Age Italy, and they are the only known possible direct traces of Cypriot participation in trade with the western Mediterranean in the Late Bronze Age. In this paper, I proceed first with a brief description of the marked handles and their provenience; second, I illustrate their Cypriot associations; and finally I discuss possible implications of this identification.
Larissa Bonfante, Vassos Karageorghis
Costakis and Leto Severis Foundation
Citation Information
Hirschfeld, N. (2001). Cypriots to the west? The evidence of their potmarks. In L. Bonfante & V. Karageorghis (Eds.), Italy and Cyprus in Antiquity: 1500-450 BC (pp. 121-129). Nicosia, Cyprus: Costakis and Leto Severis Foundation.