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Rab5 function in breast cancer cells
American Society for Cell Biology (2013)
  • Nicole Porther, Nova Southeastern University
  • M Alejandro Barbieri, Florida International University
Metastasis is characterized pathologically by cell invasion, proliferation, migration and angiogenesis. Growth factors, which include epithelial growth factor (EGF), insulin growth factors I and II (IGFI and IGFII); have been associated with most if not all of the features of metastasis.  Our study has highlighted the possible role growth factors may have in mediating cancer metastasis via Rab GTPses.  We determined that the invasive and migratory properties of breast cancer cells were abrogated in cell lines that only expressed the inactive (GDP-bound) form of Rab 5 irrespective of growth factor stimulation. Breast cancer cell lines expressing the wild type and active (GTP-bound) form of Rab 5 were more invasive when exposed to growth factors. In addition, we observed that Rab5 was activated in cells incubated with IGF-I in a time and concentration dependent. Our data indicates that Rab5 activation may play an integral role in cell invasion, proliferation, migration particularly in response to growth factor stimulus.
  • Rab5,
  • metastasis,
  • IGF-1,
  • cell migration,
  • cell invasion
Publication Date
Winter 2013
Citation Information
Nicole Porther and M Alejandro Barbieri. "Rab5 function in breast cancer cells" American Society for Cell Biology (2013)
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