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A Guide to Curriculum Development in Persian: Standards, Goals, Evaluation, and Learning
ACTFL (2012)
  • Pardis Minuchehr, George Washington University
  • Nicole A Mills, Harvard University
Despite the great deal of attention garnered toward Persian language acquisition in recent years, uniform benchmarks, standards, and goals in Persian language instruction have differed among institutions and contexts and language performance indicators did not exist for Persian language instruction. Not having a standard curriculum guide creates obstacles for Persian language instructors, including ambiguity as to what level of proficiency and cultural understanding students should possess at each level and difficulty in language program articulation on both an institutional and national level. This presentation will describe a 5 day STARTALK program which aimed to address this issue through the collective design of a curriculum guide for the novice and intermediate levels of Persian which aimed to integrate current research-based theory and methodologies in second language acquisition. The participants included over 20 university professors, scholars, community school instructors, and graduate students from both US and international institutions. Our collective goal was to focus on the development of a curricular guide for Persian language learning that encouraged a focus on communication through meaningful interaction, the use of real-world and culturally grounded contexts, the use of authentic texts, an emphasis on the interpersonal, interpretive, and presentational modes of communication, and the spiraling of language and content. The curriculum for the STARTALK workshop consisted of interactive presentations by invited speakers addressing language program articulation, effective articulation of Standards-based goals and objectives, and the three stages of curriculum development proposed by Understanding by Design. There was extended workshop time devoted to group work on the collective articulation of Standards-based goals and unit plans for the novice levels of Persian. Group work was followed by participant presentations, feedback, and discussion. This presentation will describe the STARTALK workshop curriculum as well as present the developed goals, themes, and model units from the final online curriculum guide.
Publication Date
November, 2012
Citation Information
Pardis Minuchehr and Nicole A Mills. "A Guide to Curriculum Development in Persian: Standards, Goals, Evaluation, and Learning" ACTFL (2012)
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