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Action Research: Bridging Theory and Practice in Teacher Education
ACTFL (2010)
  • Nicole A Mills, Harvard University
  • Carol Meyer, Bennington College
  • Christine Goulet, Bennington College
Through action research, teachers engage in disciplined inquiry on self-identified questions and critically examine their own teaching and student learning with the intent of adapting future teaching practices. This presentation will explore the influences of a two year intensive action research component aimed at linking theory and practice within a Masters of Arts in the Teaching of Second Language program for practicing teachers. Teacher self-efficacy was explored among the teachers to provide insight into their self-perceptions of competence as action researchers and its relationship to their perceived competence as foreign language teachers. The objectives were to gain insight about the perceived value of action research on teachers’ professional development as well as attain additional information about further promoting teacher confidence in FL teacher training programs. The teachers’ perceptions of their personal experiences, strategies, engagement, and innovation as teacher-researchers will be presented. The program director will begin the presentation with an overview of the Masters of Arts in the Teaching of a Second Language program and its two year action research component. Its objectives, course description, and innovative research assignments aimed at linking theory and practice will be presented. Next, the findings associated with a qualitative study exploring the relationship between participating teachers’ perceived competence as action researchers and competence as foreign language teachers will be presented by one of the program’s action research professors. To conclude, a participating teacher will present a brief overview of her multi-cycle research from the action research course and commentary about her personal experiences, strategies, and engagement as a teacher-researcher in the teacher education program. Participants will then be invited to engage in discussion about professional development and promoting teacher confidence in teacher training programs.
Publication Date
November, 2010
Citation Information
Nicole A Mills, Carol Meyer and Christine Goulet. "Action Research: Bridging Theory and Practice in Teacher Education" ACTFL (2010)
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