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About Nicole A Mills

Ph.D. in Educational Studies and French, Emory University.


Present Faculty Member, Harvard University
Present Beginning French program coordinator, Harvard University

Research Interests

Curriculum Development and psychology of language learning and teaching

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  • Beginning French I: French Identity through Visual Media (Harvard University)
  • Beginning French II: Exploring Parisian Identity (Harvard University)
  • Accelerated Elementary French (University of Pennsylvania)
  • Intermediate French (University of Pennsylvania))
  • Accelerated Intermediate French (French 134)
  • Expérience et Analyse: French pedagogy (graduate seminar at Bennington College)
  • Graduate Foundations Seminar in Foreign Language Teaching (Emory University)
  • Developing Leaders through Teacher Research (graduate seminar in Action research, Bennington College)

Contact Information

Harvard University
407 Boylston Hall
Harvard Yard
Cambridge, MA 02138


Books (1)

Articles (10)

Contributions to Books (6)

Press: Charlie Archive at Harvard Library (6)

The Charlie Archive is a multimedia collection of manuscript, printed, and digital materials produced in the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo attacks in January 2015 and the Paris attacks in November 2015. The idea of creating such a collection was born from a conversation in early March 2015 among a French literature scholar, a language teacher educator, and three librarians, specialized in digital preservation, Western Europe bibliography, and political ephemera. The growing archive now includes a collection of diverse donations from France and around the world. The archive, intended for both scholarly and pedagogical purposes, has collected pictures, drawings and cartoons, essays and personal narratives, posters and miscellaneous banners and flyers, paintings and independent films, and videos. We have also harvested thousands of individual web pages (i.e., published articles, blogs, Facebook pages, tweets, etc.)

Selected Presentations (38)