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The causal relationship between energy use and economic growth in Switzerland
Energy Economics (2012)
  • Nicole Andréa Mathys
  • Baranzini Andrea
  • Weber Sylvain
  • Bareit Markus
This paper investigates the relationships between energy consumption and economic growth in Switzerland over the period 1950–2010. We apply bounds testing techniques to different energy types separately. Robustness tests are performed by including additional variables and restricting the analysis to the period after 1970. The results show that there exist robust long-run relationships going from real GDP toward heating oil and electricity consumption. The relationship between heating oil and GDP is in fact bidirectional, although weaker from heating oil toward GDP than in the reverse direction. When investigating the period 1970–2010 only, the estimate of the long-run income elasticity of electricity consumption loses statistical significance and that for heating oil becomes negative. Those results imply a possible decoupling between GDP growth and energy consumption, so that energy conservation policies are not necessarily expected to have a negative impact on Swiss economic growth.
  • Energy–GDP relationship,
  • Energy policy,
  • Cointegration,
  • Switzerland
Publication Date
October 8, 2012
Citation Information
Nicole Andréa Mathys, Baranzini Andrea, Weber Sylvain and Bareit Markus. "The causal relationship between energy use and economic growth in Switzerland" Energy Economics (2012)
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