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IS advanced iq SAFE TO USE?
USA (1994)
  • nicolas12 na
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advanced iq These abilities include among others emotional, sexual and fighting behaviors located in newly evolved brain regions. The brain needs advanced iq continuous supply of oxygen and glucose for its function. These needs are supplied by the blood system. Our brain needs its nourishments like the rest of our body. That is why we feel at our best mental function after a healthy meal or slow and tired when we don't eat sufficiently on time or eat unhealthy food.
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Our brain's primary energy source is carbo fuel. Our body has the capability to convert carbohydrates from food such as oatmeal or brown advanced iq rice into glucose. Accordingly, we have to generate a daily supply of about 60% of our calories from carbohydrates. To build neurotransmitters or chemicals that allow brain cells to communicate, our brain needs protein, such as: egg white, seafood or beans. Our body breaks down the protein into amino-acids which affect our cognition and mood, such as dopamine, which help us to be alert. In addition to protein, our brain needs fatty acids, which are generated from Omega-3&6 fatty acids, olive oil and whole grain.
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Our brain also needs a range of vitamins and minerals such as vitamins B, E, magnesium, calcium and iron. To get those vitamins we advanced iq have to eat fresh food in various colors. Brain capacity is unknown. We know that our brain have a lot of storage capacity and processing power, but we don't know how to estimate its actual capacity. A popular assumption is that our brain's capacity is 10 times greater than anybody's estimate. Our brain consists of trillions of neurons, with a huge number of complex interconnections. What differ from brain-to-brain are the types of neurons and the specific neurochemical interaction among the neurons.
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It is interesting to note that the structure of clusters of neurons and their specific interconnections may have an effect on one's ability to learn and an influence on speed of understanding and reaction time to intellectual stimulations. At birth, our brain is very plastic, that is, its capability to process and store sensory information is very high.
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Neuronal connections are generated, broken and regenerated, which suggests that early educational and environmental stimulations are essential for the child's evolution. This is the critical period of the development of the child's linguistic, cognitive and social abilities. A classical question is whether the infant brain is empty, a tabula rasa, at birth. The Greek philosopher Aristotle (fourth century B.C.E.) was probably the first to introduce the tabula rasa (blank slate) idea. According to the tabula rasa theory, an infant's brain is empty of mental content, advanced iq which will be acquired later with experience and perception. Although the 'tools' or the brain cells are already formed at birth, only after gaining experience will we see the generation of neurons' inter-connections.
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As Aristotle and subsequent supporters of his theory were not privy to recent genetic discoveries, the tabula rasa theory may not be applicable or accepted as a deterministic valid concept. Today it is believed that a child's cerebral cortex is pre-programmed to enable the processing of sensory input, emotions and environmental stimulations. The author does not support the tabula-rasa theory and he believes that there are genetically transferred data or imprints. Those genetic imprints may have a clear impact and influence on the child's behaviour and even on its brain's ability to process and store information.
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In future we could experience direct brain-to-brain transmission similar to telepathy. Telepathy derives from the Greek ('distant experience') and it is a kind of mental transfer from one brain to another. As it is not a clearly reproducible advanced iq phenomenon, the scientific community has not reached consensus. Telepathy is well accepted, however, albeit largely used in science fiction. As many science fiction scenarios became reality in time, however, the author believes that some brain-to-brain communication will be possible in future.
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Winter February 2, 1994
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