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Unpublished Paper
Open Standards and IPRs in EU: An Economic Assessment
Presented at the OSI Conference, University of Strasbourg (2010)
  • Nicola Matteucci, Polytechnic University of Marche

The current quest for open standards (OS) as a way to achieve interoperability in converging ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) is assessed, to uncover OS economic foundations and policy rationale, beyond the current hype. In fact, OS typically contain IPRs (patents, copyrights), and are not immune from those anticompetitive behaviours potentially stemming from the legal monopoly on IP (intellectual property). At the same time, OS provision is likely to encounter market and public failures, and seems to ask for a new sustainable balance between private and public interests. The starting point of the paper is to ascertain whether OS really behave as a more “benign” type of IPRs, so to justify the recent public emphasis and support paid to OS - especially within EU. Second, an unconventional review of the literature is proposed, with the aim of bridging distant fields of theory and sketch the economics of interoperability provision and OS. Third, the “openness” problems are explored and benchmarked against the emerging category of semi-commons, which provides an original policy perspective on “truly” open IPRs. Consequently, the paper paves new ways to the on-going debate on the reform of the EU ICT standardization process.

  • Open standards and IPRs,
  • interoperability,
  • electronic communications,
  • EU policy
Publication Date
February, 2010
Citation Information
Nicola Matteucci. 2009. "Open Standards and IPRs in EU: An Economic Assessment" Presented at the 4th EPIP Annual Conference, Bologna