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About Nicola Matteucci

Digital communications and media are revolutionizing our brains and human relations; hence, also our economies, societies and institutions. Let's study them, guys!


March 2014 Present Adjunct Faculty Member, Istituto Universitario Sophia ‐ Department of Economics
March 2006 Present Assistant Professor in Applied Economics, Marche Polytechnic University ‐ Department of Economics and Social Sciences
Present Research fellow, UNU-MERIT, NL

Research Interests

R&D, ICT, innovation and productivity, ICT, e-skills and employment, Public eServices (e-Government, e-Democracy, e-Health), Economics and policy for digital media (TV, Internet, broadband), Economics of IPR (intellectual property rights), Standards and interoperability in ICT, and DoI (diffusion of innovations) theory

Contact Information

+39 071 2207246 (University office)
+39 071 2207102 (Department Fax)


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