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Critical Legal Thinking (2nd ed.)
  • Nickolas J James, University of Queensland

Extract: The global financial crisis. The human genome project. Climate change and global warming. The rapid evolution of information technologies. The war on terror. Cultural diversity. Racial discrimination and intolerance. As individuals, as a community, and as a planet we are simultaneously presented with unprecedented opportunities to enhance our collective wellbeing and beset by catastrophic problems to which there are no quick and easy solutions. It is a time of crisis and a time of opportunity, and now more than ever there is a need for professionals and community leaders who are not prepared to accept the status quo, and who are willing and able to be agents of fundamental change.

Critical legal thinking is the art of skilful, informed, courageous and open-minded judgement of law and legal phenomena.

  • legal system,
  • community,
  • judgement,
  • crisis,
  • opportunity
Publication Date
January 1, 2010
Pearson Australia
Critical Legal Thinking
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Citation only; James, N. (2010). Critical Legal Thinking (2nd ed.). Frenchs Forest, NSW: Pearson Australia; Access the publisher website at:; © Copyright 2010 by Pearson Australia
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Nickolas J. James. Critical Legal Thinking (2nd ed.). Frenchs Forest, NSW: Pearson Australia, 2010.