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About Nickolas J James

Doctor of Philosophy - Queensland University of Technology
Master of Laws - Queensland University of Technology
Bachelor of Laws (Honours) - University of Queensland
Bachelor of Commerce - University of Queensland
Nick's research is characterised by three overlapping themes. The first theme relates to the development of legal reasoning and critical thinking skills by law students. This research builds upon the work undertaken in his doctoral thesis and subsequently published in a series of refereed journal articles. In his thesis Nick applied Foucauldian theory to explore and explain the inconsistency and marginalisation of critique within Australian legal education. Since then he has continued to conduct research in an effort to resolve these inconsistencies and construct a practical and relevant pedagogy for the teaching and assessment of legal reasoning and critical legal thinking skills. He has published three editions of a textbook on this topic, Critical Legal Thinking, as well as articles and chapters on 'thinking like a lawyer' and the embedding of the graduate attribute of critical thinking in law subjects. He participated in 2010 in the drafting of the Threshold Learning Outcomes for Law and was instrumental in the drafting of TLO3, 'Thinking Skills', and in 2011 he wrote the Good Practice Guide for TLO3.
The second theme relates to the application of Foucauldian theoretical frameworks and methodologies, as developed in his doctoral thesis, to legal education. He has published papers focussing upon Foucauldian analyses of legal education, cybercrime regulation, and corporate crime, and he is presently engaged in a long running research project involving a Foucauldian analysis of academic resistance to teaching reform.
The third theme relates to the deeper exploration of law school teaching programs, projects and problems. He has published papers about law student mentoring programs and about 100% final exams for law students.
Nick has also written three editions of a business law textbook - Business Law, published by Wiley - and in 2012 co-authored with Rachael Field an innovative first year law textbook, The New Lawyer.
Nick has received numerous awards for his teaching including the UQ Award for Excellence in Teaching in 2004, a National Carrick Citation for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning in 2007, and a UQ Citation for Programs That Enhance Learning in 2010.


Present Associate Dean, Learning and Teaching, Faculty of Law, Bond University
Present Executive Dean, Faculty of Law, Bond University
Present Professor of Law, Bond University

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