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Willamette Law Review (2011)
  • Nick J. Sciullo

In this article I am primarily concerned with presenting Slavoj Žižek3 as a legal theorist. Žižek has been a valuable contributor to critical theory and deserves a place in the pantheon of legal thinkers.

While his diverse writings are often relegated to other disciplines, they also position him as an important contributor to law and public discourse. I seek to illuminate how he mediates and interrogates the law by demonstrating how his scholarship is important to the lives of legal thinkers, questions of success and the law, capitalism, political practice, and terrorism. Because Žižek’s work is interdisciplinary and expansive, this article will provide a starting point for further analysis of these subjects with the hope of opening up a broader discursive space where legal scholars might more readily and critically engage Žižek’s writings. The article will also be written using Žižekian analysis, showing how Žižek can help us better investigate legal theory.

  • Sciullo,
  • Zizek,
  • Lacan,
  • Continental Philosophy,
  • Legal Theory,
  • Critical Theory,
  • CLS,
  • Rhetoric,
  • Terrorism,
  • Critical Race Theory,
  • Philosophy,
  • Nick J. Sciullo
Publication Date
Spring 2011
Willamette University College of Law
Citation Information
Nick J. Sciullo. "Zizek/Questions/Failing" 2SalemWillamette Law Review Vol. 47 (2011)
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