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On the Language of (Counter)Terrorism and the Legal Geography of Terror
  • Nick J. Sciullo, Georgia State University

In this paper, I will discuss the difficulties in defining a place for the global war on terror and the implications this lack of terrestrial bounds has for the law. I will then discuss the way language impacts not only the idea of terrorism, but also the politics of place. On our journey will be philosophers Martin Heidegger and Jacques Derrida, discussed extensively below, who help flesh out the important politics of language and place. Ultimately, I will urge for a deconstructive approach to the global war on terror, which I hope will encourage a more thoughtful consideration of the place and politics of this war, and a more careful consideration of place and the law.

  • Heidegger,
  • terrorism,
  • Derrida,
  • counterterrorism,
  • Nick J. Sciullo,
  • international law,
  • critical geography,
  • terror
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Nick J. Sciullo. On the Language of (Counter)Terrorism and the Legal Geography of Terror. Vol. 48 (2012)
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