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About Nick J. Sciullo

I am primarily concerned with oppression, where it may be found and how it may be critiqued and understood. This takes my research in many directions as I am concerned with how supposed groups, be they racial, ethnic, gender, or class -oriented are treated differently in the law. My work is informed by critical theory, particularly continental philosophy, critical race theory, and rhetorical theory. I desire to expose oppression and its manifestation by applying these schema across the law.


2018 - Present Assistant Professor of Communications, Texas A&M University, Kingsville

Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests

Critical Rhetoric, Poststructuralism, Critical Theory, Critical Race Theory, Hip-Hop and the Law, Rhetoric of Law, Rhetoric of Race, and Continental Philosophy

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Honors and Awards

  • Robert Bostrom Young Scholar Award, Southern States Communication Association (2014)
  • Best Dissertation, Critical & Cultural Studies Division, National Communication Association (2016)
  • Best Student Paper, Political Communication Division, Southern States Communication Association (2014)


  • UCF COM 4906: IS: The (Mass)Mediated Prison
  • UCF COM 4906: IS: Advanced Policy Debate
  • UCF SPC 1603H: Honors Fundamentals of Technical Presentations
  • UCF SPC 3513H: Honors Argumentation and Debate
  • UCF SPC 3445: Leadership through Oral Communication
  • UCF SPC 3513: Argumentation and Debate
  • IC GW 461: Senior Project
  • IC CO 463: Internship
  • IC CO 462: IS: Readings in Critical Theory
  • IC CO 311: Argumentation and Debate
  • IC CO 252: Competitive Debate and Forensics
  • IC CO 101: Speech Fundamentals
  • GSU SPCH 4800: Communication and Diversity
  • GSU JOUR 3600: Communication Law and Regulation
  • GSU SPCH 3510: Principles of Debate
  • GSU SPCH 2710: Argumentation
  • GSU SPCH 1500: Public Speaking
  • GSU JOUR 1010: Media Writing
  • GSU SPCH 1000: Introduction to Human Communication


Ph.D., Georgia State University ‐ Department of Communication
B.A., University of Richmond
J.D., West Virginia University ‐ College of Law
M.S., Troy University
Grad. Cert., University of Central Florida

Race, Critical Race Theory, and Social Justice (8)

Terrorism and International Law (6)

Short Book Reviews (3)