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Enhanced purity andresolution via laser assistedelectron beam induced deposition of platinum,
Nanoscale (2013)
  • Nick A. Roberts, Utah State University
  • J. D. Fowlkes
  • G. A. Magel
  • P. D. Rack

We introduce a laser assisted electron beam induced deposition (LAEBID) process which is a nanoscale direct write synthesis method that integrates an electron beam induced deposition process with a synchronized pulsed laser step to induce thermal desorption of reaction by-products. Localized, spatially overlapping electron and photon pulses enable the thermal desorption of the reaction by-product while mitigating issues associated with bulk substrate heating, which can shorten the precursor residence time and distort pattern fidelity due to thermal drift. Current results demonstrate purification of platinum deposits (reduced carbon content by ~50%) with the addition of synchronized laser pulses as well as a significant reduction in deposit resistivity. Measured resistivities from platinum LAEBID structures (4 x 103 µΩ cm) are nearly 4 orders of magnitude lower than standard EBID platinum structures (2.2 x 107 µΩ cm) from the same precursor and are lower than the lowest reported EBID platinum resistivity with post-deposition annealing (1.4 x 104 µΩ cm). Finally the LAEBID process demonstrates improved deposit resolution by ~25% compared to EBID structures under the conditions investigated in this work.

  • purity,
  • resolution,
  • laser assisted,
  • electron beam,
  • platinum
Publication Date
Publisher Statement
DOI: 10.1039/c2nr33014h
Citation Information
N.A. Roberts , J.D. Fowlkes, G.A. Magel and P.D. Rack, Enhanced purity and resolution via laser assisted electron beam induced deposition of platinum, Nanoscale, 5, 1, 408-415, 2013.