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Pillar II in Practice: Police Capacity-Building in Oceania
APC R2P Brief (2012)
  • Charles Hawksley
  • Nichole Georgeou
At the recent AusAID sponsored UN Strategy and Coordination Conference on the Regional Capacity to Protect, Prevent and Respond (May 17-18, Bangkok), the UN Secretary General’s Special Representative on Responsibility to Protect (R2P), Edward Luck, noted that while the three pillars of R2P are becoming better known, 90% of the academic work is on Pillar III (Intervention), even though it is comparatively rare. In contrast we know much less about Pillar II: The Responsibility to Assist. In this briefing paper the authors explore police capacity-building (“police-building”) in three developing states of Oceania and its relation to R2P. This activity forms part of a larger challenge of Security Sector Reform (SSR) occurring within an even wider paradigm of state-building. SSR is linked with the idea of development, as well as with aid delivery and the transmission of technical knowledge and expertise.
  • Nichole Georgeou,
  • Charles Hawksley,
  • UN,
  • Oceania,
  • security,
  • police
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Charles Hawksley and Nichole Georgeou. "Pillar II in Practice: Police Capacity-Building in Oceania" APC R2P Brief Vol. 2 Iss. 4 (2012)
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