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Between Two Rivers
English Faculty Book Gallery
  • Nicholas Rinaldi, Fairfield University
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Within the walls of Echo Terrace, the world ... A beautifully resonant novel with a dazzling array of characters whose life stories are woven together into a breathtaking braid of love and memory. Farro Fescu is the proud and observant concierge of Echo Terrace, a condominium in New York City. Passing through his lobby at all hours of the night and day is an exotic cross-section of the world's population: an Egyptian-born plastic surgeon who lives on the fifth floor and specializes in gender reassignment; a fighter pilot, on the eighth floor, who flew for Nazi Germany during World War II; an Iraqi spice merchant and the world-famous crazy-patch quilter with whom he's having an affair; the adulterer's son, dreaming of becoming an undertaker; and the widow whose apartment is a jungle Eden filled with a menagerie of specimens -- finches, canaries, a defanged cobra, a monkey named Joe -- that had been the subject of her dead husband's research. – from Publisher description.
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Rinaldi, Nicholas (2004). Between two rivers. New York : HarperCollins, c2004.


Copyright Harper Collins 2004

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Nicholas Rinaldi. Between Two Rivers. (2004)
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