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ECMO-State of the Art
Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, Presentations and Grand Rounds
  • Nicholas C. Cavarorocchi, MD, Thomas Jefferson University
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Overall Goals and Objectives:

1. Discuss ECMO-indications, contra-indications, technology, complications and physiology.

2. Understand the management of medical issues on ECMO.

3. Be able to discuss the inflammatory process in ARDS, role of biomarkers and the use of steroids.

Dr. Cavarocchi is an Associate Professor of Surgery who holds a faculty appointment in the Department of Surgery at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia, PA. He is also the Director of Cardiac Critical Care and Surgical Care Unit at Jefferson. In 2007, he was names as one of the countries top surgeons. He specializes in cardiothoracic surgery. Presentation runs for 1 hour and 2 minutes.
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Nicholas C. Cavarorocchi, MD. "ECMO-State of the Art" (2011)
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