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Deplantation of the Placenta in Maternal-Fetal Vital Conflicts
National Catholic Bioethics Quarterly (2015)
  • Father Nicanor Austriaco, Providence College
  • Peter J Cataldo
  • William Cusick
  • Becket Gremmels
  • Cornelia Graves
  • Elliott Louis Bedford
  • Paul Burstein
  • Ron Hamel
  • John Hardt
  • Sarah Hetue Hill
  • Mark Repenshek
  • Cherie Sammis
  • John Paul Slosar
  • Dan O'Brien
In this essay, some of the signatories to "Medical Intervention in Cases of Maternal-Fetal Vital Conflicts: A Statement of Consensus" respond to "The Placenta as an Organ of the Fetus: A Response to the Statement of Consensus on Maternal-Fetal Conflict," both recently published in this journal. The response examines Bringman and Shabanowitz's claims and assumptions about the morally relevant pathologic condition in some cases of peripartum cardiomyopathy complicated by a subsequent pregnancy, the moral status of a normally functioning placenta, and the use of the principle of double effect in these cases. The signatories' response sets out to demonstrate how Bringman and Shabanowitz do not engage the essential points of the statement of consensus and how their argument is premised on false assumptions.
Publication Date
Summer 2015
Citation Information
Father Nicanor Austriaco, Peter J Cataldo, William Cusick, Becket Gremmels, et al.. "Deplantation of the Placenta in Maternal-Fetal Vital Conflicts" National Catholic Bioethics Quarterly Vol. 15 Iss. 2 (2015)
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