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Rapid method for determining multicomponent Langmuir parameters for displacement chromatography.
Journal of Chromatography A (1989)
  • Ten-Wen Chen
  • Neville G. Pinto, University of Louisville
  • Lester van Brocklin
A new method, based on the coherence theory of chromatography, has been presented for determining Langmuir equilibrium coefficients in multicomponent systems. The method provides a quick and simple technique for obtaining equilibrium data for the simulation of displacement chromatography, and is applicable to mixtures involving any number of components. In essence, the method uses a combination of elution and frontal chromatography experiments to characterize the equilibrium behavior. Pur component samples are not necessary, and sample preparation involves simple dilution or concentration steps with the process mixture and displacer. Furthermore, if the equilibrium behavior of the displacer in the Henry's law region is known, the characterization can be achieved, in most cases, with a single elution and single frontal chromatogram. Explicit equations relating the Langmuir coefficients to characteristics of the elution and frontal chromatograms have been derived. These equations have been successfully applied to a four-component adsorption system.
Publication Date
December, 1989
Citation Information
Ten-Wen Chen, Neville G. Pinto and Lester van Brocklin. "Rapid method for determining multicomponent Langmuir parameters for displacement chromatography." Journal of Chromatography A Vol. 484 (1989) p. 167 - 185
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