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Multicomponent fixed-bed ion exchange : verification of equilibrium coherence theory.
Separation Science and Technology (1988)
  • Carol B. Bailey
  • Neville G. Pinto, University of Louisville
The coherence method, a technique for modeling multicomponent fixed-bed adsorption with time dependent feed conditions, has been applied to a fixed-bed ion-exchange system under a variety of operating conditions. Theoretically, the method can handle multicomponent systems with initial and feed conditions of any degree of complexity. This paper will present the results of an experimental study to verify the practical utility of the coherence method. A ternary ion-exchange system of K+, Na+, Li+ on a fixed bed of AG-50WX8 resin has been studied. Breakthrough curves have been obtained for single abrupt, multiple abrupt, and linear influent composition changes. A non-equilibrium model has also been developed and has been used to describe limiting binary exchange cases. The experimental breakthrough curves have been compared with the predictions of both models.
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Carol B. Bailey and Neville G. Pinto. "Multicomponent fixed-bed ion exchange : verification of equilibrium coherence theory." Separation Science and Technology Vol. 23 Iss. 12-13 (1988) p. 1853 - 1873
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