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Health Hazard Manual: Wastewater Treatment Plant and Sewer Workers
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  • Nellie J. Brown, Cornell University
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[Excerpt] This manual examines how exposure occurs during the treatment processes; ways to reduce exposure by engineering controls, administrative controls, process control strategies, and protective equipment; and some suggested medical surveillance.

Suggested Citation
Brown, N. J. (1997). Health hazards manual: Wastewater treatment plant and sewer workers. Ithaca, NY: Cornell University, Chemical Hazard Information Program.

Required Publisher Statement
Copyright by Cornell University, Workplace Health and Safety Program (formerly Chemical Hazard Information Program).
Preparation of this manual was funded by New York State Department of Labor Grant #C005413.

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Nellie J. Brown. "Health Hazard Manual: Wastewater Treatment Plant and Sewer Workers" (1997)
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