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Practical Considerations and Implementation of Anaerobic Digester Systems
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  • Jenny Pronto, Cornell University
  • Curt Gooch, Cornell University
  • Nellie J Brown, Cornell University
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This course prepares learners to implement and run an AD system from the planning and design phase to operation and maintenance. It focuses on the design of AD systems; how to successfully interact with a designer so that the farm’s needs are met; and basic operation and maintenance.

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Pronto, J., Gooch, C., & Brown, N. (2012). Practical considerations and implementation of anaerobic digester systems [Electronic version]. Ithaca, NY: Cornell University PRO-DAIRY Program, Workplace Health and Safety Program.

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Jenny Pronto, Curt Gooch and Nellie J Brown. "Practical Considerations and Implementation of Anaerobic Digester Systems" (2012)
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