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About Nellie J. Brown, MS., C.I.H.

Nellie Brown, CIH, is a biologist, and chemist and certified industrial hygienist, specializing in occupational safety and health in her role as Director of Workplace Health and Safety Programs for ILR Extension. Since joining the Cornell faculty in 1986, she has provided on-site training and technical assistance services addressing workplace chemicals and biological agents; ergonomics; stress management; workplace violence; and indoor air quality, among other topics. All programs and services are available statewide. 

Expert in a wide range of areas in the field, Nellie is the author of numerous occupational health hazard manuals, MSDS companion sheets, and articles. She has held several technical and scientific positions in the field, and was trained as a lead inspector, a licensed wastewater treatment plant operator, and has been trained as an HIV/AIDS test counselor. Nellie has a B.A. in biology from SUNY at Buffalo, and earned a master's degree in multidisciplinary studies in natural sciences/applied science from SUNY College at Buffalo.


Present Director of Workplace Safety & Health Programs, Cornell University ILR School
Present Lead Programs Manager, Cornell University ILR School

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Contact Information

Cornell University ILR School
237 Main St.
Suite 1200
Buffalo, NY 14203
Tel: 716-852-4191


Occupational Health Hazard Manuals (19)

Indoor Air Quality (4)

Chemical Hazards (1)

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