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Cohen's Handbook of Federal Indian Law
  • Nell Jessup Newton, Notre Dame Law School
  • Felix Cohen
  • Robert Anderson
Cohen's Handbook of Federal Indian Law is an encyclopedic treatise written by experts in the field, and provides general overviews to relevant information as well as in-depth study of specific areas within this complex area of federal law. This is an updated and revised edition of what has been referred to as the ""bible"" of federal Indian law. This publication focuses on the relationship between tribes, the states and the federal government within the context of civil and criminal jurisdiction, as well as areas of resource management and government structure. The 2012 Edition of Cohen's Handbook of Federal Indian Law also includes coverage of: • Current topics such as Indian gaming and taxation • History and structure of tribal governments and tribal law • Tribal and individual Indian property rights, including intellectual property rights • Water rights • Hunting, fishing, and gathering rights • Economic development issues • Government programs
Publication Date
  • american Indians,
  • native american,
  • Indian law,
  • Indian government
Citation Information
Nell Jessup Newton, Felix Cohen and Robert Anderson. Cohen's Handbook of Federal Indian Law. San Francisco, Calif.(2012)
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