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Internationalizing nursing: valuing the multiple spaces and places of nursing education
Journal of Nursing Education
  • Nel Glass, Southern Cross University
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It is timely that the Journal of Nursing Education is offering its readers an issue that directly highlights international nursing education. During the past decade, the internationalization of nursing has come to the forefront. Nursing students and clinicians alike appear to be strongly identifying with the importance of cross-cultural diversification and are expanding nursing education to include various places and spaces. Part of this discourse concerns the ways in which such experiences can contribute to workplace satisfaction and enhancement of one’s nursing career. Both of these issues are significant when the world of nursing faces the ongoing problems of recruitment and retention.
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Glass, N 2006, 'Internationalizing nursing: valuing the multiple spaces and places of nursing education', Journal of Nursing Education, vol. 45, no. 10, pp. 387-388.