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A comprehensive ecological land classification for Utah's West Desert
Western North AMerican Naturalist (2005)
  • Neil E. West, Utah State University
  • Frank L Dougher
  • Gerald S Manis
  • R. Douglas Ramsey
Land managers and scientists need context in which to interpolate between or extrapolate beyond discrete field points in space and time. Ecological classification of land (ECL) is one way by which these relationships can be made. Until regional issues emerged and calls were made for ecosystem management (EM), each land management institution chose its own ECLs. The need for economic efficiency and the increasing availability of geographic information systems (GIS) compel the creation of a national ECL so that communication across ownership boundaries can occur. ECOMAP an 8-level, top-down, nested, hierarchical, multivariable approach designed to solve this problem has been endorsed by the Federal Geographic Data Committee...
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Neil E. West, Frank L Dougher, Gerald S Manis and R. Douglas Ramsey. "A comprehensive ecological land classification for Utah's West Desert" Western North AMerican Naturalist Vol. 65 Iss. 3 (2005)
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