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Disaster Resilience Education for Young People Handbook
  • Neil Dufty
Young people have unique capabilities to help protect themselves and their communities from the impacts of natural hazards. Providing young people with knowledge, skills and opportunities to share their learning and take action, enables them to contribute positively to the safety and resilience of people, places and the natural environment.
Disaster resilience education (DRE) equips young Australians with the skills and confidence to take protective actions before, during and after an emergency or disaster.
The guidance in this handbook provides organisations with high-level principles and strategies to design, implement and evaluate learning programs and initiatives for young people. It provides a context for youth engagement and learning communities as part of a broader community engagement and capacity-building strategy to reduce disaster risk and enhance resilience.
  • education,
  • disaster,
  • children,
  • youth,
  • resilience
Publication Date
September 1, 2021
Australian Institute for Disaster Resilience
Citation Information
Neil Dufty. Disaster Resilience Education for Young People Handbook. (2021)
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