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Managing Roadsides 1 - Assessment
Managing Roadsides Guides (2014)
  • Neil Dufty
These guidelines have been prepared for local councils seeking to achieve best practice in roadside environmental management through the use of Roadside Vegetation Management Plans (RVMPs). However, the guidelines will also be of relevance to managers of other linear reserves which, by nature of their shape and issues, have similar management requirements.

A broad assessment approach, ideally across the whole Local Government Area (LGA), is required to develop a RVMP or similar plan. The aim of this approach is to identify ‘high’, ‘medium’ and ‘low’ conservation roadside areas which will direct and prioritise actions in the RVMP.There are four suggested steps in the environmental assessment for the development of RVMPs:
1. Collecting existing information
2. Conducting the assessment in the field
3. GIS mapping
4. Identification of conservation status
  • environment,
  • biodiversity,
  • roads,
  • rail,
  • sustainability
Publication Date
July, 2014
Citation Information
Neil Dufty. "Managing Roadsides 1 - Assessment" Managing Roadsides Guides (2014)
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