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Twitter turns ten: its use to date in disaster management
Australian Journal of Emergency Management (2016)
  • Neil Dufty
This article explores current literature to identify the main uses of Twitter in emergency management over the past ten years in Australia and overseas. It finds several uses across the 'disaster cycle' including as a medium for identifying hazard risk, community engagement for disaster mitigation and preparedness, early warning communication, crowdsourcing to provide real-time information, emotional support, identifying needs and vulnerabilities of affected communities, and allocating resources during recovery. This paper concludes by examining some relatively untapped uses of Twitter in building disaster resilience including for social capital formation, capacity building, disaster virtual communities-of-practice, and social change.
  • disaster,
  • social media,
  • Twitter,
  • community engagement
Publication Date
April, 2016
Citation Information
Neil Dufty. "Twitter turns ten: its use to date in disaster management" Australian Journal of Emergency Management (2016)
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