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The organizational cost of protection
Journal of International Economics (1994)
  • Neil Vousden, Australian National University
  • Neil Campbell, Australian National University

This paper offers another explanation for the proposition that protection induces slack. It employs a model of a hierarchic firm in which the firm's owner cannot observe the cost type or the effort level of his manager. A production subsidy, by stimulating output, may increase the marginal information rents that have to be paid to the manager for higher effort. The resulting increase in the firm's marginal cost of effort leads to reduced managerial effort amplifying the intra-firm effort distortion if effort is initially below the optimal level and yielding an organizational cost of protection additional to the standard deadweight cost.

  • organizational cost of protection
Publication Date
September 1, 1994
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Vousden, N. & Campbell, N. (1994). The organizational cost of protection. Journal of International Economics, 37(3-4), 219-238

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Neil Vousden and Neil Campbell. "The organizational cost of protection" Journal of International Economics Vol. 37 Iss. 3-4 (1994)
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