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Implications of changes (structural and market) on farm management and marketing research
CARD Reports
  • George R. Allen, W.R. Grace
  • Lester S. Kellogg, Deere
  • G. Edward Schuh, Purdue University
  • Vernon W. Pherson, Armour Food Products
  • Reynold P. Dahl, University of Minnesota
  • Rex F. Daly, United States Department of Agriculture
  • Dale E. Hathaway, Michigan State University
  • Neil E. Harl, Iowa State University
  • Earl O. Heady, Iowa State University
  • A. Gordon Ball, Iowa State University
  • Glenn L. Johnson, Michigan State University
  • Dale O. Anderson, North Dakota State University
  • Lowell D. Hill, University of Illinois
  • John C. Redman, University of Kentucky
  • Robert W. Rudd, University of Kentucky
  • B. F. Jones, Purdue University
  • A. Allen Schmid, Michigan State University
  • Karl A. Fox, Iowa State University
  • George D. Irwin, Purdue University
  • R. L. Kohls, Purdue University
  • John E. Lee, Jr., Economic Research Service
  • Thomas T. Stout, Ohio State University
This conference was really an outgrowth of an earlier conference on Structural Changes in Commercial Agriculture (CAED Report 24) held in Chicago, April 12-14, 1965. While the earlier conference emphasized structural changes in the agricultural industry and their implications for education and extension, the 1967 conference focused on research.
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Center for Agricultural and Economic Development, Iowa State University
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, George R. Allen, Lester S. Kellogg, G. Edward Schuh, et al.. "Implications of changes (structural and market) on farm management and marketing research" Ames, IA(1967)
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