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Gandhi’s Prophecy: Corporate Violence and A Mindful Law for Bhopal
ExpressO (2015)
  • Nehal A. Patel
Over thirty years have passed since the Bhopal chemical disaster began,
and in that time scholars of corporate social responsibility (CSR) have
discussed and debated several frameworks for improving corporate response
to social and environmental problems. However, CSR discourse rarely
delves into the fundamental architecture of legal thought that often
buttresses corporate dominance in the global economy. Moreover, CSR
discourse does little to challenge the ontological and epistemological
assumptions that form the foundation for modern economics and the role of
corporations in the world.
I explore methods of transforming CSR by employing the thought of
Mohandas Gandhi. I pay particular attention to Gandhi’s critique of
industrialization and principle of swadeshi (self-sufficiency) to address the
tension between multinational corporations and local communities
worldwide. Gandhi’s principle of swadeshi especially is salient in light of
Bhopal, where local survivors have struggled to raise awareness of the
persistent degradation of their environment. I discuss the current state of
CSR, Bhopal’s ongoing relevance to modern industrialization, and a
potential future for CSR that incorporates swadeshi for local populations.
  • Alternative Law/Legal Theory,
  • Corporate Social Responsibility,
  • Corporate Governance,
  • Legal Theory,
  • Non-Violent Jurisprudence/Legal Theory,
  • Non-western Social Theory,
  • Non-western Legal Theory,
  • East/West Dialogue,
  • Post-Colonial Critique,
  • Critical Legal Studies/Theory,
  • Critical Race Theory,
  • Common Law,
  • Eastern Thought/Philosophy,
  • India,
  • Gandhi,
  • Bhopal,
  • Mindful,
  • Corporate,
  • Corporation,
  • Business,
  • Violence,
  • Economics,
  • Human Rights,
  • Civil Liberties,
  • Civil Rights,
  • Justice,
  • Racial,
  • Ethnic
Publication Date
Winter December 1, 2015
Citation Information
Nehal A. Patel. "Gandhi’s Prophecy: Corporate Violence and A Mindful Law for Bhopal" ExpressO (2015)
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