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Hydrodynamic characteristics of gas-solid fluidization at high temperature
Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering (2010)
  • Shabnam Sanaei
  • Navid Mostoufi, University of Tehran
  • Ramin Radmanesh
  • Rahmat Sotudeh-Gharebagh
  • Jamal Chaouki

Effect of temperature on the hydrodynamics of bubbling gas-solid fluidized beds was investigated in this work. Experiments were carried out at different temperatures ranged of 25-600 °C and different superficial gas velocities in the range of 0.17-0.78 m/s with sand particles. The time-position trajectory of particles was obtained by the radioactive particle tracking technique at elevated temperature. These data were used for determination of some hydrodynamic parameters (mean velocity of upward and downward-moving particles, jump frequency, cycle frequency and axial/radial diffusivities) which are representative to solids mixing through the bed. It was shown that solids mixing and diffusivity of particles increases by increasing temperature up to around 300 °C. However, these parameters decrease by further increasing the temperature to higher than 300 °C. This could be attributed to the properties of bubble and emulsion phases. Results of this study indicated that the bubbles grow up to a maximum diameter by increasing the temperature up to 300 °C, after which the bubbles become smaller. The results showed that due to the wall effect, there is no significant change in the mean velocity of downward-moving clusters. In order to explain these trends, surface tension of emulsion between the rising bubble and the emulsion phase was introduced and evaluated in the bubbling fluidized bed. The results showed that surface tension between bubble and emulsion is increased by increasing temperature up to 300 °C, however, after that it acts in oppositely.

  • fluidized beds,
  • high temperature,
  • hydrodynamics,
  • radioactive particle tracking (RPT)
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Shabnam Sanaei, Navid Mostoufi, Ramin Radmanesh, Rahmat Sotudeh-Gharebagh, et al.. "Hydrodynamic characteristics of gas-solid fluidization at high temperature" Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering Vol. 88 (2010)
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