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Performance of the wide-ranging models for fluidized bed reactors
Advanced Powder Technology (2004)
  • Rouzbeh Jafari, University of Tehran
  • Rahmat Sotudeh-Gharebagh, University of Tehran
  • Navid Mostoufi, University of Tehran

Modeling of a bubbling/turbulent fluidized bed reactor has been studied for catalytic reactions in the presence of different catalysts. The performance of the fluidized reactor has been investigated by three different hydrodynamic models: (i) simple two-phase model, (ii) dynamic twophase model and (iii) generalized bubbling/turbulent model. It has been shown that the simple two-phase model is suitable only for slow reaction rates. The dynamic two-phase model and generalized bubbling/turbulent model are able to predict the performance of the fluidized bed reactor satisfactorily over a wide range of gas superficial velocities. The performance of the dynamic two-phase model could be further improved by choosing the proper constants. In the case of the generalized bubbling/turbulent model, a more realistic distribution function for the probability of being in the turbulent regime of fluidization would further enhance the performance of this model.

Publication Date
September, 2004
Citation Information
Rouzbeh Jafari, Rahmat Sotudeh-Gharebagh and Navid Mostoufi. "Performance of the wide-ranging models for fluidized bed reactors" Advanced Powder Technology Vol. 15 (2004)
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