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Genetic algorithm optimization of the conditions of rice straw pulping with aqueous methanol
Cellulose Chemistry and Technology (2004)
  • Shahram Navaee-Ardeh, University of Tehran
  • Navid Mostoufi, University of Tehran
  • Jamshid Mohmmadi-Rovshandeh, University of Tehran
  • Abbas Ali Khodadali, University of Tehran

Optimum values of paper sheets have been calculated by applying a genetic algorithm technique. The variables subject to optimization were breaking length, tear and burst index as the mechanical properties of paper sheets. The data from ten organosolv pulping runs at laboratory scale were employed for developing of empirical models for these variables as a function of ethanol concentration, cooking time and temperature. The ranges of alcohol concentration, cooking time and temperature were 40-65 percent (w/w), 150-180 min and 195-210ºC, respectively. At first, optimization with genetic algorithm technique was carried out for dependent variables of paper sheets (burst and tear index and breaking length) using two fitness functions. In the next step, the optimum values of independent variables (ethanol concentration, cooking time and temperature) were obtained by solving of three non-linear equations of the empirical models. The optimum values of burst and tear index ,breaking length, temperature, cooking time and ethanol concentration were found to be 21.1875 KN/g, 57.306 mNm2/g , 4214.8 m, 203.73 oC, 152.26 min and 58.78 %w/w, respectively. Optimum values have are in good agreement with the reported data in the literature.

Publication Date
September, 2004
Citation Information
Shahram Navaee-Ardeh, Navid Mostoufi, Jamshid Mohmmadi-Rovshandeh and Abbas Ali Khodadali. "Genetic algorithm optimization of the conditions of rice straw pulping with aqueous methanol" Cellulose Chemistry and Technology Vol. 5-6 (2004)
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