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Indentation Testing of Bulk Zr0.5Hf0.5Co1-yIrySb0.99Sn0.01 Half-Heusler Alloys
MRS Proceedings (2010)
  • Melody A. Verges, University of New Orleans
  • Paul J. Schilling, University of New Orleans
  • Jeffrey D. Germond, University of New Orleans
  • Puja Upadhyay, University of New Orleans
  • William K. Miller, University of New Orleans
  • Nathan J. Takas, Georgia Southern University
  • Pierre F.P. Poudeu, University of New Orleans
Indentation tests were performed to assess the influence of compositional changes on the mechanical properties of several half-Heusler compounds with the general composition Zr0.5Hf0.5Co1-yIrySb0.99Sn0.01 (x=0.0,0.1,0.3,0.5,0.7). These samples were synthesized by high temperature solid-state reactions and were consolidated by hot-pressing. Indentation measurements were obtained using both microhardness testing (Vickers) and depth-sensing nanoindentation. These measurements were used to determine the microhardness and the elastic modulus of each half-Heusler compound. The Vickers hardness values were found to range between 876 and 964. A slight increase in hardness was observed with the addition of iridium. The elastic stiffness values ranged from 229 GPa to 246 GPa. Here, a slight decrease in stiffness was observed with the addition of iridium.
  • Thermoelectric,
  • Hardness,
  • Nano-indentation
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Melody A. Verges, Paul J. Schilling, Jeffrey D. Germond, Puja Upadhyay, et al.. "Indentation Testing of Bulk Zr0.5Hf0.5Co1-yIrySb0.99Sn0.01 Half-Heusler Alloys" MRS Proceedings (2010)
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