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Portrait of That Moment When…
Sacred Heart University Magazine (2017)
  • Nathan Lewis
Nathan Lewis is at it again.

Back in 2012, in anticipation of Sacred Heart’s 50th anniversary, the professor of art, painting, drawing and design took on the challenge of painting a portrait of the University. The finished work (hanging in Linda’s dining hall in the Student Commons) is remarkable in its breadth, depth and beauty, capturing not only the moments that have helped shape the campus and community we know and see today, but also somehow drawing out the character of that community, the greater Person that is the sum of all those personalities.
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Publication Date
February 7, 2017
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Copyright Sacred Heart University - All Rights Reserved
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Deenihan, T. (2017, Feb. 7.). Portrait of that Moment When....Sacred Heart University Magazine. Retrieved February 14, 2017, from