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A Glance at the New Article 9 Secured Transaction
New Mexico Bar Journal
  • Nathalie Martin, University of New Mexico - Main Campus
  • Frederick M. Hart
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Those of us who teach a course on Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code (Secured Transactions) dreaded the approach of July I, 2001. On that day, a revised version of Article 9 became effective in New Mexico and most other states. The old notes had to be discarded. New materials had to be prepared, or at least the old ones had to be revised. Perhaps there would be some excitement in learning what the drafters had done, but more obvious was the effort needed to learn something new. Maybe it was time to retire. We have now taught the revised version of Article 9. We know a little more about it now, and perhaps by next year, we'll know more.
  • Article 9,
  • Uniform Commercial Code,
  • Secured Transactions
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Nathalie Martin and Frederick M. Hart. "A Glance at the New Article 9 Secured Transaction" New Mexico Bar Journal Vol. 21 (2002)
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