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Public Libraries and the Internet 2012: Key Findings, Recent Trends, and Future Challenges
Public Library Quarterly
  • John C. Bertot, University of Maryland
  • Ursula Gorham, University of Maryland
  • Paul T. Jaeger, University of Maryland
  • Natalie Greene Taylor, University of Maryland
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  • community needs,
  • Internet,
  • literacy,
  • public libraries,
  • technology
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Since 1994, 14 reliable national studies have provided longitudinal data revealing and analyzing trends in the public access computing, Internet access, and technology assistance and training that public libraries make available to the communities they serve. This article provides an overview of selected data from the 2012 study; examines major issues that have emerged from the data in the most recent studies; identifies key trends and changes in Internet-enabled services and resources provided by public libraries to their communities over the course of the 18 years of conducting the national surveys; and discusses selected future issues and challenges regarding public library Internet-enabled services.

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Public Library Quarterly, v. 31, issue 4, p. 303-325

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John C. Bertot, Ursula Gorham, Paul T. Jaeger and Natalie Greene Taylor. "Public Libraries and the Internet 2012: Key Findings, Recent Trends, and Future Challenges" Public Library Quarterly Vol. 31 Iss. 4 (2012) p. 303 - 325
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