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  • Natalia Rosario, DePaul University

Background: Obesity is an ever growing epidemic that does not discriminate between patients or hospital employees. Hospital employees are often limited in access to healthy foods and choices especially when they are working the night shift.
Objective: The purpose of this integrative literature review is to assess the successful strategies of promoting and integrating healthy food options in hospital cafeterias to benefit staff during all shifts.
Method: An integrative literature review was conducted using CINAHL, Proquest Nursing & Allied Healthy Source and PubMed. Search terms included: food options, healthy food, food choice, food habits, work site, work place and hospitals.
Results: Hospitals acknowledge the benefits of offering healthier options but are conflicted by the potential for limited profitability associated with those options. Healthier food options were preferred when those options were made available, food was labeled systematically, and incentivized programs were provided for staff.
Conclusion: Although the review of literature indicates that healthier options, when provided, promote better decision on food choices, hospital administrators are still hesitant to invest in because of the cost. Further studies must be done to promote the benefits of healthier food availability in hospital cafeterias including a long term cost-benefit analysis of healthier food compared to health care costs for obesity.
Key words: Food options, healthy foods, food choice, food habits, work site, workplace, hospital

Publication Date
Fall August 18, 2017
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Natalia Rosario. "FINAL UPDATED POSTER TO DISPLAY.pptx" (2017)
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