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Reactive Power Concepts in the Future Distribution Networks
  • Daniel Unger
  • Nasser Hemdan, Dr. Ing., Technische Universität Braunschweig
  • Michael Kurrat
The main objective of the current work is the evaluation of the implications of the decentralized generation reactive power control on the system operation. The investigations were conducted on a real life network in MV and LV levels. A LV network has been built behind each MV/LV transformer. In the MV network three wind mills are existed while in the LV side 70 PV generators are existed. Measured generation profiles of the wind and PV were used for three weeks representing three seasons, one week in January, one in April, and one in July. Generic load profiles of households and commercials are taken into consideration. The analysis was conducted using PowerFactory DIgSILENT software. The results show that controlling of the reactive power of the decentralized generation plays an important role in the future distribution networks.
Publication Date
Summer June 10, 2013
Citation Information
Daniel Unger, Nasser Hemdan and Michael Kurrat. "Reactive Power Concepts in the Future Distribution Networks" (2013)
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