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Should A&A Disclose FCPA Violations?
Journal of Critical Incidents (2013)
  • Asbjorn Osland, San Jose State University
  • Nanette C. Clinch, San Jose State University

The article presents a case study in which several subsidiaries of a manufacturer of health care products had violated the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA). The subsidiaries were found to have bribed public officials and government doctors in several countries including Romania, Poland and Iraq to obtain business. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) encouraged companies to disclose FCPA issues to avoid criminal prosecution and minimize fines..

  • FCPA Violations
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Asbjorn Osland and Nanette C. Clinch. "Should A&A Disclose FCPA Violations?" Journal of Critical Incidents Vol. 6 (2013)
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