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What made it possible for the Holocaust to happen?
Post & Courier (2020)
  • Nancy L Zisk
It might be impossible ever to fully understand how the Holocaust happened or why. We do the best we can to educate ourselves about what happened and we share the story with our children hoping that by never forgetting that this did happen, we can keep it from ever happening again. While we may never be able to understand how Hitler and his Nazi followers were able to create the horror they did, we can identify the steps they took to flout the basic tenets of a society based on laws that ensure order and the kind of society they had enjoyed.
  • Holocaust,
  • rule of law
Publication Date
Spring April 15, 2020
Citation Information
Nancy L Zisk. "What made it possible for the Holocaust to happen?" Post & Courier Iss. The Holocaust-75 years since liberation (2020) p. 3 - 3
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