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Second Generation Parenting: Grandparents Who Receive TANF
Social Work Faculty Publications
  • Vanessa Robinson-Dooley, Georgia State University
  • Nancy P. Kropf, Georgia State University
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A review of the scholarly literature indicates that the number of grandparents who are second generation parents (e.g., raising their grandchildren) has increased dramatically. These grandparents often return to parenting with a variety of financial and physical health issues that need to be addressed within the context of their caregiving role. The current study is a secondary data analysis of a sample of grandparent caregivers that received TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) using data from a larger study conducted on welfare reform. The research is primarily descriptive, providing a summary of these grandparents' functioning. Finding and implications for understanding the experience of grandparent caregivers are presented.

This article was originally published in the Journal of Intergenerational Relationships. Copyright © 2006 Taylor & Francis.

Citation Information
Robinson-Dooley, V. & Kropf, N. (2006). Second Generation Parenting: Grandparents Who Receive TANF. Journal of Intergenerational Relationships, 4(3), 49-62. DOI: 10.1300/J194v04n03_04