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Serendipity as a Strategic Advantage?
Strategic Management in the 21st Century
  • Nancy K. Napier, Boise State University
  • Quan Hoang Vuong, University of Brussels
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Who, over the age of 20, hasn't experienced a serendipitous event: unexpected information that yields some unintended but potential value later on? Sitting next to a stranger on a plane who becomes a business partner? Stumbling onto an article in a journal or newspaper that helps tackle a nagging problem? Creating a new drug by accident?
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Strategic Management in the 21st Century by Timothy J. Wilkinson and Vijay R. Kannan, Editors. Copyright ©2013 by ABC-CLIO, LLC. All rights reserved. Reproduced with permission of ABC-CLIO, LLC, Santa Barbara, CA.

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Napier, Nancy K. and Hoang Vuong, Quan. (2013). "Serendipity as a Strategic Advantage?". Strategic Management in the 21st Century, 1, 175-199.