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Gang Rules: Creativity in Unexpected Places
People & Strategy
  • Nancy K. Napier, Boise State University
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Reports how a group of people from very different types of jobs (jail deputies, dancers, software engineers, football coaches, actors and advertising executives) came together to form a 'gang' that fosters the members' creativity and helps to find solutions to organizational problems. Describes how the initial group formed after being contacted as part of a research project into creativity, the others joining when they heard about the group and how well it worked. Discusses how group members work together to spark creativity and innovation, and learn from each other. Sets out the rules that the group has derived from its experience for developing similar networks or groups. Lists these rules, explains their significance and gives examples of the learning that group members transferred to their organizations.

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Nancy K. Napier. "Gang Rules: Creativity in Unexpected Places" People & Strategy (2011)
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