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Writing for Change: When Motive Matters
The Writing Instructor
  • Nancy Mack, Wright State University - Main Campus
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The writer calls for a change in the teaching practices of college composition classes such that students' motives to write are respected. She advocates the use of active critique, ethnographic inquiry, and local advocacy as ways in which students can be instructed in writing for change. The writer discusses language and the motive to write, the meaningful memoir, the importance of respecting students' motives, and the teacher's motives. She presents an excerpt from an essay by a student in an undergraduate composition course as an example of writing that comes from a student's own ethical answerability and writing that gives integrity to its author.
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Nancy Mack. "Writing for Change: When Motive Matters" The Writing Instructor Vol. 15 Iss. 1 (1995) p. 19 - 33 ISSN: 0277-7789
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