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Multiracial Identity and Affirmative Action
UCLA Asian Pacific American Law Journal (2007)
  • Nancy Leong
This article examines the relationship between a categorical, box-checking race classification system and the diversity-based, higher education affirmative action regime approved by the Supreme Court. It concludes that the two systems are inconsistent: the mere act of checking a box does not indicate anything about the diversity that an applicant might or might not bring to a school. Moreover, the article concludes that box-checking classifications systems are inconsistent with multiracial identity itself. Sociological research collected in the article suggests that multiracial identity is fluid and nuanced; it cannot be captured by the mere act of checking a box on a form. Forcing multiracial applicants to describe their racial identity in this way is both tyrannical, and, ultimately, inaccurate. multiracial, race, affirmative action, education, box-checking, race classification
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Nancy Leong. "Multiracial Identity and Affirmative Action" UCLA Asian Pacific American Law Journal Vol. 12 (2007)
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